Friday, 11 October 2013

Writing and the hiccups of life.

I am stunned to see that it is July 2013 since I last posted anything on my Chronicles Blog - sincere apologies.

Life has once more stepped into the way of the Writer's Blog.  The best news however, is that it hasn't stepped too far into the path of the Writer.

Book Two - The Destructors - is at Balboa Press.  It has been edited and reworked and is currently in the Cover & Polish stage - ready for printing.  The art department is working on the cover and the great news is that they have taken my suggestions and are working with them to create another great cover for my book.

I am hoping to have news before the end of October on a publication date - so set aside a couple of dollars for a great Christmas read.

Written in 2010 - The Destructors has undergone major changes and review and reflects (in my humble opinion) a stronger style of writing.  I am very proud of the final copy and I am really hoping that everyone else agrees. 

So what else have I been doing?

Well, after my months of chemotherapy - all finished and all clear. I immediately plunged into editing book two.  I also signed up for another couple of courses in my BA degree - one on Jane Austen and the other (a Creative Writing course) on Screenwriting.  This has been a fascinating experience, as it is a completely different style to the poetry and novel writing of my previous experience.  I have loved both courses and am currently swamped with final assignments.

Family life is chaotic, with Elizabeth in her final week of her Honours thesis, Sarah changing school mid-term and Matthew taking a year out from college.  So family is keeping me busy. 

Thanks for staying patient and hopefully over the next few weeks I will once more find a few minutes to update Chronicles. 

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