Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Book Sales

Books have been flowing out the door via post and also personal delivery. It is such an amazing feeling to have people excited and happy to receive their copies. Receiving Facebook messages of JOY from friends as they open their mail and get my book - is incredible.

Now for an update:

This November - I will be participating in NaNoWriMo again - 50 000 words in just 30 days.  What will I be writing?

Book 4 in the series.

Now I know that all of you are just beginning the journey with Book One - The Creators - but there is more.

Book 2 - is already in the rewrite and editing stage - It is called - The Destructors and follows Este's story as well as keeping up with Sarah and her friends.  Planning for publication May/June 2013.

Book 3 is also written and on the shelf - waiting its turn - hopefully publication late 2013.

Book 4 - however is hidden from all - it is simmering quietly in my head, waiting to be released on November 1st.  It is an amazing process - I start with nothing and just by writing 1700 words per day - at the end I have a novel or at least a rough draft. 

So for fans of the series - this is my plan. for the next 30 days - wish me luck.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Book sales have begun

It has been an exciting week - I finally received my first shipment of books - 100 in total.

A published author
 Spending a week at the delivery centre - delayed my books a little - somehow my address had morphed from Karalee to Bald Hills - and it was the dilligent work of DHL deliveries that ensured that they reached me.
It was almost better than Christmas to unpack 100 books written by me.  My name is on the cover and when I am long gone from this place - there will still be a story with my name on it.
It has been wonderful to receive orders from people, but this week as I began posting and delivering copies of my books, it finally hit home that I have written something that people are willing to pay for and to read.

So if you are one of those who would like to order a copy directly from me, rather than from Balboa Press or Amazon, I will be happy to sign it for you and post it direct.

Cost and postage within Australia will be $25.00 which is less than ordering direct from either Amazon or Balboa.  If you are an E-book reader, remember it is available through Balboa as an E-book. 

So feel free to let me know if you want your own copy.  Can't wait to share the joy

Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Creators - Autographing my very first book

My book was officially published on September 5th, 2012 and Mum was the very first person to order one from Amazon, even though at the time it was still only available for pre-order.  I was so excited when she told me she had done this.

Well, who could top this?  I guess my Matthew did.  I have been in hospital recently having shoulder surgery and then a couple of days later, being readmitted for ongoing colon issues.  This resulted in me getting some rather scary news that I have a cancerous tumour in my colon, which will require surgery on October 8th. With all this going on, Matthew appeared on one of his visits and from behind his back produced the very first copy of my book that I had seen. Even my own proof copy from Balboa Press had not arrived.  He had ordered it from Balboa direct and paid extra to have it express posted.

Totally thrilled and delighted with it and with him I spent the evening grinning from ear to ear.

On being released from hospital, I had a chance to sit down with Matthew and sign his copy for him.  Thank you Matthew for this amazing gift. I love you so much.

Watching Mom sign his book

Autographing my very first copy of my novel for Matthew

 Matthew and I will the very first copy of The Creators that I held.

My beautiful son.  His sisters' did state that they thought he had gone a bit overboard in trying to earn brownie points in getting the book so quickly and early.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

No time to rest for a writer

Welcome to another day.  I have discovered that even with shoulder surgery (Wednesday 19th Sept) and a colonoscopy and hospitalisation (Friday 18th - today) - there is still time to be a writer.

Last week I underwent arthroscopic shoulder surgery to repair a busal tear and other ligament problems in my left shoulder; as well as having cortisone injections into both carpal tunnel ligaments in my wrists.   Action plan was for a few days rest and then back to writing next week.

Unfortunately, Friday saw me re-admitted to hospital for further tests for ongoing colotis, which had left me dehydrated again!  So by Sunday I was very, very bored and asked for my laptop to be brought into hospital. The joy of modern medicine and modern technology has meant that I have been able to rest my arm on a pillow and sit typing a fresh 2000 words of my non-fiction book. 

I even inspired myself.

Now news regarding 'The Creators' - orders are being shipped from Balboa Press bookstore (my son's copy was delivered express) - he is so proud of his Mom that he ordered it as soon as it became available and is therefore the first in the family to get a copy. The book is also available from Amazon.

Today my bookmarks, postcards and business cards promoting 'The Creators' arrived - they are beautiful. I had the joy of signing my very first autograph in my hospital bed.  One of the nurses has ordered my book from Amazong and I gave her a bookmark, which we asked me to sign. 

So as the title of the post said :  No time to rest - time to write, write, write.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Prophecy - Balboa Press

Balboa Press has released a 'free preview' from the inside of my book.  As it is written in a 'poem' form in the novel - it has unfortunately been printeded without the punctuation. So for all my fans, here is your own sneak-peak of the prophecy.

In the beginnning, good and evil battled
Humanity - the pieces on the scales
Time will tell who will win
Now is the time to begin

Time and need will produce one of noble birth
One born far away from angels
One whose belief held her gifts
One whose family loved her but never understood her
One whose friends envied and tormented her

The girl-child must grown into a woman
She must be protected to grow into her powers
The girl-child can balance the scales
She can triumph over the Destructor

She will carry within her the gift to end all conflict
She will carry within her the gift to end all rifts
She will be the one who will make for humanity the lasting peace
She will create again the balance . . . . . . .

. . . . . .Beware

To tip the scales, evil will nurture one
One who will become the destructor
The destructor will be undiscovered
The destructor will be alone
The destructor will embrace the evil
The destructor must destroy the girl
The destructor will have the power
To destroy humanity . . . . . . .

Find the hexagon and train them
Build the pentagon to stand strong
Keep the septagon safe
Build a pyramid that will stand
stand the conflict of time

Protect the Noble One and Protect the Protectors

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Writing Thought of the Day

Sharing the JOY of writing with others, inspires not only them, but also oneself.

I have always loved writing, but it was only when I started my Creative Writing courses at University that I found the magic of writing in a community.  My greatest question was "How was I going to write on demand?"  I have always written best when 'inspired' rather than pressured.

Yet, each week I was inspired and challenged, and both of these things allowed and encouraged me to write.

So what holds you back from writing? Is it time, commitment, courage, fear? 

My major breakthrough came when I did NaNoWriMo, (refer to previous blog post) and wrote a 50 000 word novel in 30 days.

I overcame this challenge by breaking it down into 1667 words per day; or 209 words per hour over 8 hours; or just 4 words a minute for 8 hours. Now we work at work for 8 hours a day - so why not be a writer for 8 hours a day.  It became easy and fun.

My advice is the following:  If you think you have a book to write, put it down on paper becuase:

The book is already written you just need to share it with the world.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Amazon has it for Pre-order!

Today was an amazing day - my brother let me know via Facebook that my book was listed for Pre-order.

I could hardly breathe as I clicked the link and found my name as the author - Me - a real, published author.

While we chatted I had another special moment, Ian and his beautiful wife Wendy had sent me a parcel which I opened. It was a gift to congratulate me for writing, editing, publishing a book.
Thank you to you both for this wonderful gift.

So as we all await the print versions and the cover art to be released, I will share with you all the excitement and JOY that I felt today as this moment occurred in my life and let you all know that if you have that book inside of you - it is worth writing it and publishing it. The feeling is amazing.


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Thank you for your patience - here is a little taste of 'The Creators'


Have we found a Major Creator?

Can you see her sitting so quietly at the front of the classroom, so self-contained despite the hurt that is radiating from her? Her hair is red-gold strands of fire, tied back so fiercely as if preventing them from sparking and causing an eruption around her. Her skin is pale with the blossom of summer freckles. Her eyes are blue with pupils so large they absorb the whole world around her. Glasses are perched on the end of her nose, designed to allow her to see the normal world—the world that blocks her view into the Ether . . . the Ether that contains her gifts.

Her thoughts are so crystal clear . . . if only people would listen:

I wish I was normal: tall, tanned, with dark hair. I wish I was popular like Este. She used to be my friend, and now she doesn’t even glance at me. Mum and Dad tell me I am special, that I am an amazing musician. But I don’t want to be a musician. They tell me I can draw; I don’t want to draw. I just want to be normal. The only thing that allows me to escape is my writing.

Adults are drawn to this young woman. She holds a magic within her—the magic of childhood dreams her elders once held but lost so long ago. Her peers don’t understand her, and this reality isolates her from them. Most would have succumbed by now, but she has held strong.

How will she react to selection? We must ensure that we protect this one; I think she may be exceptional.

Marketing Dilemmas!

As a writer, and now a Published Author (doing the happy dance); I am finding myself in the new position of having to market my book.


To self-promote is not an easy task for any of us, but if I am not prepared to do it, then who will?

So these are the things I have done so far.

  • I have started this Blog
  • I have 'attempted' Twitter, but this is a challenge
  • I have self-promoted my book at a Writer's Workshop - this one was quite successful and I had fun.
  • I have shared my progress with friends on Facebook
  • I have been reading marketing strategies and discussing 'costly' marketing packages with my pubishing company
But now what . . .

My book is at the printers, so I feel as though I am in a holding pattern above ground, waiting to land, and running out of fuel.  Excited and impatient.

Some of the ideas that I have:

  • To visit all local bookstores and promote it directly to the staff
  • To visit our local library and see if they are interested in me doing a reading/promotion/book signing
  • To visit local schools and offer a copy for their library - with the information on how to order the book if people want their own copy
  • I thought about approaching our local newspaper to try and arrange an interview about being a local self-published author
  • To attend fairs/shows and have a signing booth
  • Give talks on being a self-published author
So here are my marketing ideas. 

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas; to get 'The Creators' out into the market place.  It is a book that I am very proud of and I know that the story of Sarah and the Guild will inspire you all.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

So what is 'The Creators' all about . . .

This is the official Blurb - for 'The Creator's

We Create what we Write  . . . The Future is what is Written . . .

An outcast at school, Sarah’s selection by the mysterious Creators’ Guild, catapults her into an exciting new world.  Despite her apprehensions, Sarah has an immediate affinity with Melissa, her Selector. With the slimmest hope that her life will flourish, Sarah leaves her family to pursue her studies and future. Along the way, Sarah makes new friends and discovers the hidden power within herself, her fellow students and the Guild.

Guild School proves more exciting than any of them imagined, but it also has its hidden dangers. Dangers from outside sources that wish to prevent Sarah reaching her full potential or perhaps recruit her to a more sinister path. Sarah’s journey is filled with hope and inspiration for all those who feel different.

I am a Published Author

 2012 - Writer's Workshop - Sydney Australia. - A published Author of the novel - 'The Creators"

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Hay House "Writer's Workshop" and as I had received my final proof on Wednesday - I took my bound copy down with me.  It was so much fun to have my photo taken in front of the Balboa Stand and also to hand out 45 business card for 'The Creators'
Thank you to my beautiful son Matthew and my amazing brother Ian for your last minute efforts to create me a business card. It was a good thing I did, as I handed out 45 cards and received three pre-paid orders for my book.

'The Creators' is now at the printers and will be available soon.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Days now not weeks, months or years

An exciting update from Balboa Press. 
Once we perform one last Quality Assurance Check on both the cover and interior files (this usually takes about one day), the approved manuscript will be sent to our content evaluation team for the final evaluation of your manuscript (this will take 2-3 days).  As soon as your manuscript passes review, the printing files will be sent to the printer for activation. This process takes approximately 5-7 business days to complete. Once this process is complete, your book will be available in the marketplace for purchase. 
It has been a pleasure working with you and congratulations on becoming a published author! 



Wednesday, 22 August 2012

August 22nd, 2012 - The Creators

Today is the day that I authorised the printing of The Creators.

My final Galley (text) revisions arrived and all were correct, so I have sent Balboa Press an email to authorise the printing of my book.

I will now be assigned a 'Book Consultant' who will help me with ordering of copies for sale. The book will also be available really soon on the Balboa website, as well as Amazon etc.

Do I press send now?
 The email that made it official! I am a published author.

November 1st, 2009 - no words, no story and no characters.  August 22, 2012 - a published book. Wow! What a journey.  I had no idea that I was capable of such an amazing feat - I have had so much JOY and FUN, in the process. 

Now for the next step, marketing the book!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The art of publishing.

The art of writing is very different to the art of editing and publishing. Writing is something writers do, but editing and publishing are often not the skill of writers. Well they are a skill I am rapidly learning every day.  There is a great challenge, to take your beloved words and tear them apart and put them together again - sometimes in such a different way, that your original story, becomes a new one.

The blessing is that The Creators was written four years ago. The curse is that The Creators was written four years ago.  I have lived, slept, read and written this book for over four years.  And, over the past couple of months, I have read, re-read, written and re-written it over and over again.

So now, with no more changes, the book is ready for printing.

Now the art of editing moves into the art of publishing.

What do you want for a cover?

Well, I don't know - I thought of this, or maybe that?  My amazing editorial and publishing team at Balboa, provided me with an amazing and beautiful sample cover.  I loved it, and then I liked it and then I suggested some changes.  They were wonderful and came up with an alternative, as well as altering the first one.  How exciting! But, now I love both covers.

So I have canvassed my secret posse of family and friends for opinions and although they are all mostly in favour of one option, I still love both.  Yet, I must choose.

Luckily you the reader will only get to see one cover and I hope that you love it as much as I do.
So when you pick up your copy of The Creators - don't judge the book by the cover, or if you love it then do!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Welcome to the World of the Guild


Book One - 'The Creators' is the first in the Guild 'quadrology' - it started as a single book written in November 2009 as part of the NaNoWriMo challenge.  Each subsequent November, I have written a new book in the series and what I thought was going to be "Just" a single book, then a trilogy; has turned into a 'quadrology'.

NaNoWriMo for those who are unaware of it - is National 'Novel/November' Writing Month and the challenge is to write a 50 000 word novel in 30 days.  When I started, I had no plot, no characters and very little experience. But . . . the challenge thrilled me.  For those 30 days I wrote my heart out - no editing and no back-tracking - just writing.

At the end of 30 days I had 'The Creators' - well an early version of what you will now read or have already read.  I was so thrilled with the end product and the response of family and friends that I was going to rush out and publish it - immediately!

Luckily, I didn't.

Four years and a heap of experience later, Book One - The Creators is being published by Balboa Press.  Editing and re-writing are a far greater challenge than the initial write-up. However, the JOY of knowing that within weeks my book will be available for a world-wide audience, has been worth every correction, and hour of work.

I hope you will follow along on Facebook as well as this Blog to hear updates about book one and also  the second book in the series - The Destructors - which should be available mid 2013. 

Welcome to Sarah's world and the World of Imagination and Creation.