Friday, 21 June 2013

Book 2 - The Destructors

The Destructors is now at the publishers.

Last night after another 6 hour day working on editing and re-writing, I finally sent it off to Balboa Press. 

It is always a daunting moment, as you are very aware that there is probably something you could do to make it just that little bit better.

I am however, very happy with the manuscript and hope that I have found and fixed at least 99% of the mistakes. 

Now it has about a 7-10 day turn around for the first approval.  Balboa, checks it for copyright and 'morality' issues.  I deliberately, chose Balboa Press to self-publish my novels, as I love the ethics and beliefs of Hay House.  I want my books to sit amongst those that uplift, rather than destroy the Spirit and I know that the connection between my work and their ethics are a good match.

So what to do now?

I am in the addicted to writing/editing phase, so have decided to work on book 3 - The Trinity.  Hopefully, that way I will be ready to publish it, near the end of the year, or perhaps early 2014. 

Monday, 17 June 2013


Elizabeth, my daughter, has been really sick with a cold for the past week. I have been really patient, hoping she would soon be well enough to  begin editing 'The Destructors' and today although still sniffling - she is sitting in the lounge with a pen and the manuscript.  Great excitement.  I haven't heard any sighs or grumps yet, so hopefully all is well. 

This is the joy of having a daughter with a degree in English Literature.  Note the smiley face on the front page.  I think she is happy to have Book Two.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Draft Blurb for Book Two

Am currently preparing my manuscript for Balboa Press and as part of the submission process I have to create a 'blurb' for the back cover.  This is what I am currently working on.

Draw the words and all will be revealed . . .
Believe in the image and all will be Created . . .
Destroy the image and all will be controlled . . .

 The Destructors 

To be accepted - that was all that mattered.

Este's childhood friendship with Sarah is threatened when she is sent to her Aunt and Uncle's home, in Canlyn, for the summer holidays. There she learns that her talents hold a far stronger power than she could ever have imagined. She enters a world where anything you desire is at your finger-tips. But . . . everything has a price. What is the price that Este has to pay?

Join Este and Sarah as they discover the price of power, popularity and acceptance.

With Sarah's position at the Guild school secure; Este faces the challenges placed before her and takes her place as the Major Destructor - the balance to the Girl-child of the Guild prophecy. Will she fulfill the destiny mapped out for her by her Master? Or will powers outside of her control force her to make choices that challenge, not only her friendship with Sarah, but also the authority of the Master.

With this new novel, in the Chronicles of the Guild series; Este and Sarah will discover that there is always a choice, and what you decide will map out your future.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Back at Last

Sincere apologies to any fans of my Blog - Chronicles of the Guild.  I have been extremely neglectful and stopped writing for the last six months on this site.

Excuses: Well I have a few:

  1. I was diagnosed with cancer - colon cancer to be exact and had to have surgery to remove a Grade 3 tumour - yes it had spread to the lymph nodes.
  2. I had to undergo chemotherapy for six months
  3. During my chemo - I concentrated on my health and healing and gave up on almost all writing, except my chemo-journey journal; a few poems, Facebook and my personal blog Vesta. So I guess I didn't really give up on writing, just working on my novels.

But . . . now I am back. 

I am thrilled to announce that at the end of May, when my chemotherapy was completed, I began re-writing and editing Book 2 - The Destructors.  Conserving energy, I re-wrote and edited the whole book, nearly 60 000 words and just over a week ago, completed the first full edit.

This week I have had an amazing time:  My PET & CT scans have shown that I am totally cancer-free, my blood tests have told me that my cancer markers are going down even further - another sign to great health ahead and  today (just a couple of hours ago) I signed a contract with Balboa Press to publish Book Two. 

So with some seriously hard work and effort, I am hoping to have the manuscript into the first round of production in the next two weeks and hopefully have publication by the end of August.

So keep reading and follow on Facebook - Beverly's writings - where I will keep you all up to date with the news.