Sunday, 16 June 2013

Draft Blurb for Book Two

Am currently preparing my manuscript for Balboa Press and as part of the submission process I have to create a 'blurb' for the back cover.  This is what I am currently working on.

Draw the words and all will be revealed . . .
Believe in the image and all will be Created . . .
Destroy the image and all will be controlled . . .

 The Destructors 

To be accepted - that was all that mattered.

Este's childhood friendship with Sarah is threatened when she is sent to her Aunt and Uncle's home, in Canlyn, for the summer holidays. There she learns that her talents hold a far stronger power than she could ever have imagined. She enters a world where anything you desire is at your finger-tips. But . . . everything has a price. What is the price that Este has to pay?

Join Este and Sarah as they discover the price of power, popularity and acceptance.

With Sarah's position at the Guild school secure; Este faces the challenges placed before her and takes her place as the Major Destructor - the balance to the Girl-child of the Guild prophecy. Will she fulfill the destiny mapped out for her by her Master? Or will powers outside of her control force her to make choices that challenge, not only her friendship with Sarah, but also the authority of the Master.

With this new novel, in the Chronicles of the Guild series; Este and Sarah will discover that there is always a choice, and what you decide will map out your future.

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