Tuesday, 2 July 2013

First review & editorial comment

It was an exciting day, as I received my initial review back from Balboa Press editorial department. An overview of the book has come back with some really glowing lines such as:

"Adair seems to have found the 'sweet spot'for fiction; a series that appeals both to young adults and mainstream adult readers." and "with likeable protagonists, ominous villains, and a healthy dose of creativity in the storytelling."

These amongst some other very complimentary comments have really inspired me.

With the publication of my first novel - The Creators, it was suggested that I utilise the content editing package offered by Balboa to spruce up the novel, but book two has been stronger and better written and this time it has been suggested that only 'line editing' is required.  As they say practice, does make perfect - or as near as possible.

So, with the re-writing of book three and the re-editing of book two, life is really busy and such a joy and blessing. A couple of days serious work, will have the manuscript back to the editors for a line-edit and then hopefully onto the publication stage really soon.

Still hoping for an early September release date ... so keep an eye on Facebook and this Blog for more information.

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